*This is a cash-based, fee-for-service, clinic*

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(First time visit only)

10 minute phone, email, or office consult to determine need
for physical therapy or referral.


60 minute session with a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) introducing physical therapy interventions. Evaluation includes but is not limited to: subjective and objective data collection (strength and flexibility testing, joint mobility, range of motion (ROM), gait and movement analysis, special testing, review of systems, home exercise program, etc.). Data collections allows determination for best plan of care, ability to achieve patient goals, and address dysfunction. 

$85 per session

All-inclusive treatment approach, can include the following based on the goals and dysfunction of the patient: manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and activity, neuromuscular re-education, balance training, gait and movement training, moist heat and cold packs, electrical stimulation and other modalities.


Taping mechanism that relieves swelling, reduces pain, increases blood flow for faster recovery, increases bodily awareness and posture, can be done anywhere that skin can be exposed.

  • Option one: Patient purchases roll of kinesiotape from therapist for $30/16.5 foot roll (5-10 applications), which includes one body part taped per session.
    $3 extra for each additional body part taped. Multiple colors and patterns available.

  • Option two: Therapist supplied taping, $15 per application without treatment session.

$30 for 15 minutes

Areas of the body which may be tense or where connective tissue is hindered may prevent your muscles from moving properly or be creating stiffness and soreness. 

Cupping Therapy can be applied to help restore proper blood flow to restricted areas, relieving myofascial restrictions and discomfort,  and reducing inflammation. We apply this therapy via the dry/vacuum cupping method. 

One 15 minute session includes cupping therapy to one treatment area and includes a post lymphatic massage to aid the detoxification process. 

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