-More Than Physical Therapy-


At Body Mechanics Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to providing treatment beyond the symptoms. Through specialized care, patients receive treatment plans with emphasis on the restoration, development, and strengthening of functional mobility. 



A variety of treatment methods are available to relieve pain and restore functional mobility. 

 Through Manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and activity, neuromuscular re-education, gait training, and multiple hands on techniques; patients are treated within an encouraging environment towards healing and wellness.


Patient centered treatment plans to return you to the activities you enjoy and need to perform efficiently. 

Whether your goals are developmental milestones, community activities, athletic performance, or job related tasks; Body Mechanics Physical Therapy provides a complete physical therapy program that takes all lifestyle goals into consideration.

By becoming fully engaged in treatment and goal setting, patients become more likely to continue with treatment and reap the benefits from physical therapy beyond the clinic. 



Encouraging physical and mental prowess to discover the body’s potential of healing and strength.

Stability and mobility go hand in hand to provide the body with its core strength and natural ability for balance and homeostasis. Learn to harbor the physical and psychological fortitude to achieve overall fitness.