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Satisfied Patient Reviews

At Body Mechanics Physical Therapy, we treat our patients with with personalized attention and care.

We are proud to have earned stellar 5 Star Ratings from our clients on our profiles on Google, Facebook & Yelp.


“I was having pretty severe lower back pain, but was not able to make it in to see a doctor. I contacted Dr. Braun via text to ask for her advice and within 2 hours my back pain was significantly decreased. Dr. Braun gave me easy to follow tests and exercises to do and continued to instruct me based on how I felt after those tests. She's awesome!” - Sierah R.

“AMAZING...Dr. Braun is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and very personable!! I've seen her work with our junior athletes in a club setting; providing athletic training, physical therapy, and even emergency care with the highest of professionalism. Also, I've been a client both in the fitness and physical therapy side of her practice, including concussion therapy! Her care and consideration goes beyond her medical knowledge...it comes from her heart!” - Rob H.

“I moved to Jacksonville, FL in May of 2017 and have been a patient of Dr. Braun's upon my arrival. She took the time to listen to my entire story/injury - which for anyone with chronic pain knows is not a guarantee when walking into any medical office. From there, she progressed my therapy sessions based on pain, or lack thereof, and continued to help me heal and strengthen myself. Without her help, I would still be where I was when I arrived in Jax. Now, I'm self sufficient and though I've moved for work, look forward and plan on returning to her new office/gym for more workouts.” - Dan D.

“I had been looking for a physical therapist who was also an athlete. Someone who wasn't going to tell me to just rest and stop lifting wights for good. Lets be real, who actually wants that? Enter Dr. Braun! She helped me more in my first visit than some others did in the entire time i saw them. To say she is knowledgeable about the human body would be a terrible understatement. She listens to your issues, assesses these issues, tackles these issues. All while being incredibly easy to talk to and laughing at my dumb jokes. So, if you're injured, planning on being injured, or just want to make sure your body is running smoothly, make an appointment with Dr Braun.” - David R

“Meghan is awesome to work with. She really knows what she is doing and gets you the results you need. She is super friendly, flexible, and knowledgeable in her field. I would highly recommend her to anyone! If you are needing some sort of physical therapy, she’s your doctor!” - Dawn S.

“We visited to have my son's thumb injury evaluated. Post evaluation advised to see a specialist. Very easy to talk to and understand. Highly Recommended!” - Scott B.

“Came to Dr. Braun with an existing bad knee and a new really bad pulled hamstring and glute from soccer and she took great care of me. She has flexible hours to work with your schedule and she is very easy to talk to. I am feeling great and back on the field! Couldn't have done it with out Body Mechanics! - Nichole H.”

“Great physical therapist! I had hip/lower back pain that had been causing me discomfort for months and kept me from running or participating in other high impact sports. I finally had Dr. Meghan Braun at Body Mechanics take a look and, through a series of one-on-one sessions and personalized at-home exercises, I was able to get back to my old self and started running worry-free again. I even completed a 20 mile run about a month or so after my last session and felt great, no pain during or after!” - Erica L.


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