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Why Physical Therapy?

-Relieve Pain-

While surgery and prescription drugs may be the best course of action for more severe or chronic cases; Physical Therapy is a conservative and cost-effective treatment option that can help reduce the need for surgery or prescription drugs. At Body Mechanics Physical Therapy we are dedicated to patient safety and well-being, as well as a community approach to healthcare. If we find that our services and treatment cannot fulfill your healthcare needs, we will refer to you the appropriate healthcare professional.

-Improve Functional Mobility-

Work. Raising a family. Cross-fit. Pediatric development. Playing sports. Community activities. All are examples where being able to function without pain or functional contraints are critical to daily life. Physical Therapy is revolved around improving mobility and motion of the body. Consistent and effective movement is crucial to achieving your body's natural ability to balance itself at it's highest potential, known as homeostasis, enabling you to getting back to a healthy and active lifestyle. 

-Injury Prevention-

Physical Therapy can be utilized to treat beyond rehabilitation. Treatment is followed by a prescriptive home program or follow-up sessions to continue developing strength, endurance, and functional mobility to keep you feeling your best and to prevent potential dysfunction.


-Participate in your Treatment and Recovery-

Whether your goal is to get back to an active lifestyle, recover from surgery, or help your child reach a development milestone; patient participation is critical to accomplishing these goals. Patient education and treatment are provided in an encouraging and goal-oriented environment to restore, develop, and strengthen your body on its path to wellness. 

Disclaimer: Body Mechanics Physical Therapy is not a replacement or alternative for emergency medical services and response. If this is an emergency, please call 911.

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