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Body Mechanics Physical Therapy


~ More Than Physical Therapy ~

At Body Mechanics Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to providing treatment beyond the symptoms. Through specialized care, patients receive treatment plans with an emphasis on the restoration, development, and strengthening of functional mobility.

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Our Holistic Approach


Restorative Therapy

A variety of treatment methods are available to relieve pain and restore functional mobility.


Developmental Focus

Patient-centered treatment plans to return you to the activities you enjoy and need to perform efficiently.


Strength & Conditioning

Encouraging physical and mental prowess to discover the body’s potential for healing and strength.


Why Is It Important To Begin Physical Therapy Early?

The Cost of Not Pursuing Physical Therapy:

When you are injured, your body is working hard to recover and restore itself. Not implementing the proper recovery regimen at the right stage of the healing process may lead to:

  • Less than Optimal Recovery

  • Additional Pain

  • Re-Injury

  • Improper Healing

  • Additional Financial Costs

  • Additional Time Commitments

  • Time Away from Work/Sport

The Benefits of Receiving Physical Therapy:

On the other hand, getting physical therapy in the right stage of the healing process can have many benefits:

  • Optimal Recovery

  • Relief of Pain

  • Lesser Chance of Re-Injury

  • Improved Healing

  • Reduced Financial Costs

  • Reduced Time Commitments

Patients Who Follow a Customized Physical Therapy Routine
Have a Better Chance of Experiencing a Higher Quality of Life.

What Our Patients Are Saying:

Feeling Great Again!

“Came to Dr. Braun with an existing bad knee and a new really bad pulled hamstring and glute from soccer and she took great care of me. She has flexible hours to work with your schedule and she is very easy to talk to. I am feeling great and back on the field! Couldn't have done it without Body Mechanics!”

- Nichole H.

Dr. Braun is AMAZING!

“AMAZING...Dr. Braun is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and very personable!! I've seen her work with our junior athletes in a club setting; providing athletic training, physical therapy, and even emergency care with the highest of professionalism. Her care and consideration goes beyond her medical knowledge...it comes from her heart!”

- Rob H.

easy to follow & Less Pain

“I was having pretty severe lower back pain, but was not able to make it in to see a doctor. I contacted Dr. Braun via text to ask for her advice and within 2 hours my back pain was significantly decreased. Dr. Braun gave me easy to follow tests and exercises to do and continued to instruct me based on how I felt after those tests. She's awesome!”

- Sierah R.



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